Answers About SEO and Why You Have No Sales

There is not just 1 answer as to why you are not making money with your Web site. In fact, there are as many answers as there are problems with your Web site.

In the beginning, you could create a Web site and generate some traffic fairly quickly. You may even have been able to show a profit in just a few months. But year after year, it has become increasingly difficult to "afford" to create a Web site, even less affordable to optimize said Web site, and next to impossible to generate income from your Web site!

You can see (from your analytics) that you have at least "some" traffic. But the users come, spend a couple of minutes in the site, and then they bounce. WHY?!

Generally, you can have the perfect SEO applied to your pages and still not make sales. Or, you could have the world's worst SEO in your pages and make sales! Let's tackle the issues.