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First, Relax...

To create a website is not as complicated as some would have you believe, and should not be something that makes you cringe or stress. Once you read the steps you'll understand - it's actually pretty straight forward. You won't even need to learn any "jargon".

The first step to create a website means you need the right tools. Which tools are up to you. So here's the first step. Consider how you'll use the Web site. Is it for personal use? Is it for business? Will you have a lot of images? Are you planning to sell products or services?

Each platform has advantages.There are only 2 options for those who are novice - WordPress or Joomla!

Additionally, each platform updates often. Joomla! just released a new version - 4 - which is very different than the previous version. But the installation is so similar there is no need to add new images to follow.

WordPress is more simplified because its original purpose was only for blogging, although it "can" be used for other things. However, it's not great at everything and has limitations - regardless of what you read or hear from developers. As you build a larger WordPress site, it slows down - unless you are on a special server for WordPress. You will only be able to use 1 template at a time and there is no way around that with WordPress. So different categories or sections must use the same template. Many functions, even for the beginner, require "add-on" software for WordPress. Usually they are free add-ons, but they are not written by professionals so you have to be careful about selecting the right software.

Many people want to have different sections of their site created with a different "look". That's not possible with WordPress. And, the only shopping cart for WordPress that is of any value is free for the "basic" version. But if you need a lot of options, it gets expensive.

The more pages, images and products you have in a WordPress development, the slower the site becomes. Most good hosting companies know this and stress the importance of using special accounts for WordPress. Average to "unheard of" hosting companies do not offer special WordPress accounts, but will provide a bunch of add-ons that will "help", but they are by no means free.

Joomla! does everything. Whatever purpose you have for your Web site, Joomla! is by far the winner. It's fast no matter how many pages or categories you have. Literally, you can have thousands of pages and categories and that will not slow down the site. It's fast no matter how many products or services you sell. Joomla! was designed for "anybody" - professional or novice.

If you want multiple templates because you want a different look in each section or category, you may install and enable an unlimited number of templates. Literally, Joomla! creates a foundation for unlimited possibilities - even blogging. The best shopping cart for Joomla! is Virtuemart and nearly everything is included with the free version.

There are very few things for which you need to add software to Joomla! But if you need something, the list of extensions is astounding.

Building your own Web site allows you to remain independent - not part of one of those sites where you pay to use their software. You cannot apply SEO on those sites to really help your site.Staying independent is the best course.

The following instructions are for you to become your own Web designer. Afterwards, you can learn to apply SEO and get your site found in the search engines on page 1 or 2.

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