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  • Please be respectful. No harassment, soliciting or self-promotions. Introduce yourself, but do not link to your business.
  • No religious discussion nor politics (unless your Web site is about those topics and you are simply asking questions).
  • Design discussions are off-topic for SEO and need to be posted in Web Development. The reverse is also true.
  • When posting, provide enough detail for others to understand in order to help you.
  • Posting an opinion about tactics is forbidden unless stated as a suggestion and that it "might" help. Stick to what is true and proven as opposed to "how you do it your way".
  • Keep the jargon limited. Just speak "conversationally" as you would with someone who knows none of the jargon.

I created this forum (all of this site) to help those who have no idea how to optimize or build their own Web site. At any time, if any user feels pressured or disrespected, please contact me immediately.

To start a new topic, go to the "category" that pertains to what you wish to post - SEO or Web Development. Once in that "category", select a "topic" if there is one that relates with what you wish to post. At the top of the forum area, click on "Start a Topic".

If you make a mistake where you posted, no problem. We can move it to where it belongs.


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