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The Buyer's Journey

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The Buyer's Journey was created by nosirrag
What is the Buyer's Journey?

The most recent Google algorithm is called E.E.A.T . and, basically, this is to stop Web sites from attaining a top 10 search results position when their pages DO NOT provide the information for which someone searched.

Google knows that people go to search something, select one of the top listed sites on the first page of results, and within seconds of reading the page find that it's not about what they searched!
So we return to the search results to select another of the results, only to find THAT page is not answering our search either.

Google logs the actions people take to go to a Web site and how long they are in that site. So when users leave the page within seconds, google logs that too. Eventually, google realizes that page is not relevant to the search and they will remove the listing from the first page of search results.

To combat this issue, E.E.A.T. mandates "special pages" are added to every Web site. Those pages must answer the questions and / or search terms people search. Those pages are called the "Buyer's Journey".

Because it's all part of sales.
Regardless of what you "think" you are doing with your Web site, you ARE selling something. It doesn't make any difference what product or service is you sell, or even if it's information only. You did not pay for hosting, pay for the development of the Web site, go through the trouble to create many pages only to provide a 100% free Web site.
So whatever you "get" out of your site, you "are" selling something.
Because every Web site is about sales, it stands to reason that Web sites need to address the buying process.

Part of sales is to understand what pain points someone is going through, what symptoms they have, and how you can help. You won't increase sales just because you keep putting more "call to action" buttons, or pop-ups, or drop-ins in your site.
How often have you found it "comforting" to see BUY NOW!! or DON'T LEAVE! WE HAVE A HUGE DISCOUNT FOR YOU IF YOU BUY NOW!
Never....everybody hates that junk and they also hate walking into a store where, in less than 5 seconds some person comes over to you and offers to help you. You, me and everybody else immediately say, "Thanks. I'm just looking." And some even go further to say something really rude just to get the sales person away from them.
There is no difference between the store sales person and the barrage of BUY NOW or whatever.

When was the last time you purchased something? It could have been a pair of tennis shoes, or a new coffee maker. Whatever you purchase, you do not wake up one day and suddenly "know" what color shoes, style or price you want, and you didn't just wake up and realize (even before you had your coffee...especially then) that you need the "Jazzergigger Coffee Maker". It won't be until you do some research that you'll even "consider" the Jazzergigger Coffee Maker. (but don't get that leaks)

What "did" you do?
You knew you had a problem, or a situation, or a symptom that you wanted to address.
You knew you needed something to solve your situation, but you didn't know what. So, you started searching for information. THAT is what the buyer's journey is all about.

There are 3 stages of the Buyer's Journey:
Stage 1 = Awareness - this is when you woke up, or decided that you need to find out "what" is going to be the best thing to solve your problem or situation. This is where you begin your research. You became "aware" that you need to begin investigating.
Stage 2 = Consideration - in this stage, you have found some good information and you need to "consider", this one or that one? Red, or blue? Big or small?
Stage 3 = Decision - also known as the "Purchase" stage or "Buying" stage, you have your credit card in hand and are ready to purchase.

Everybody goes through this process every time they find a "need".
You need a new T-shirt; a new pair or pants; a new watch; you broke your French Press (that's most definitely a disaster!); you need new plates for the party you are planning.
Whatever you are "realizing" you need, you go through the buyer's journey to purchase that item - or items.

How does all of this relate to your Web site?
Here is where you go back up to the "Why" in this article. Because you are selling something from your Web site, you have people coming to your Web site but they do NOT find the information they want.
Instead, what users find when they get to your site is: I've been in business for 15 years!; We've won many awards!; We are much better than the competition. Just look at our many testimonials; and a lot more things not listed here, but you "know" you have all that stuff in your site!
What you refuse to believe is, NOTHING of all that "stuff" tells users what you do, what problems you solve, what symptoms you know people have and how you can help.

Now enter the buyer's journey pages.
Generating the 3 stages for each 1 topic, you are going to use Artificial Intelligence (A.I. - e.g. ChatGPT; BARD) to write your articles.

Why would I use AI when I know my business better than AI and I can write better articles.
Hold that thought.

Go back up 3 paragraphs. Re-read that sentence about the awards and such. Who wrote that information?
Now you want us to believe that you are going to write better articles than AI?!

You "need" to have a non-interested party write the articles, and that party must be an expert in your industry. The pages must be written to resolve issues, problems, show that you understand what the potential customer is going through. Only then will you get the attention of the user and, if the buyer's journey pages are doing their job, you will have that person purchase.

Now that you know the what and why about the Buyer's Journey pages, you are ready to start asking questions so we can help you right here. As your questions are answered, they are helping many others who are too timid to ask the same questions. So go ahead. Post! That's why the forum is here. (NOTE: If you haven't posted previously, your first 3 posts will need to be moderated before they are approved to appear for others to read.)

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