Where Do I Look for a Quality Developer?

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1 year 6 months ago - 4 months 3 weeks ago #7 by nosirrag
It's pretty obvious you could hire me. You can easily use the Contact form to get in touch.
So let's just consider the fact that you need to know someone, get references, or find something / someone who will satisfy you and is a person with whom you can work, does great work and at a reasonable price.

The first response I have to you is, purchase a template for the platform you wish to use. Doing that will allow you to keep your site from being controlled by any developer.

If you develop using WordPress, all of the things required to be used in developing your site have a "license key" and the developer will not release any license key to you.

I can honestly tell you that I've only come across a small handful of people I would ever recommend to someone. But I do know some, and there are more than "I" know personally out there. Post what you seek and let's see if I can wave my magic wand for a developer who is "just right" for you.

When you post that you are trying to find a developer, "Never" include your contact information. Have the developer expose themselves "here" so that they begin communications by being open, honest and not afraid to expose themselves to everybody.
Posting their information here in the forum provides a "paper-trail" to the developer that others will be able to see if the developer was good, bad or in between because you can return here and post a review of the developer for others to see.

One of the first things you should consider is the platform the developer is comfortable using. You also need to know what "page builder" the person is planning to use if WordPress is your platform. If they are using anything other than Oxygen or Elementor, do not hire them. There is a lot of technical information to consider by expanding on that, but just keep it simple and know that you only allow 1 of those 2 page builders in WordPress.

If you are going to use Joomla as your platform, which I highly recommend, then you want to know if the developer is going to use a pre-built template, which is fine, or, only use CSS to design the site. The first option is fine, but it shows the developer is limited as to what you can do to change things. The latter option tells you that the developer can do pretty much anything you want.

Joomla does not require a page builder. If one is used, the template created with that page builder is independent from the site. That means, you get to keep the template created, and, you do not need to keep the page builder or any parts that were required to build the site.

Developing a Web site with a page builder in WordPress means you can never use a different page builder for any page created with said page builder. And, you are tied to everything that was used to develop the site. Meaning, you cannot uninstall the page builder used to develop the site, which also means you need the license key for that page builder. Usually, developers will not provide the license key for the page builder because it's their way of controlling the site. If you hire someone else, they or you must purchase another license key. That can get expensive depending on the page builder used.

If you have further questions or comments, you are welcome to add your post here.
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