How can I review my page performance?

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1 year 6 months ago #2 by nosirrag
How can I review my page performance? was created by nosirrag
You may ask what "performance" has to do with SEO.
The answer?

Today, mobile device users are the "primary" target for google when it comes to how fast a page loads. Mobile device users allow "up to" 3 seconds for 1 page to load. So if your page(s) load in more than 3 seconds, you've just answered 2 questions. 1, why am I getting traffic and no sales? 2, why don't I see any mobile devices in my Analytics data?

The problem is, usually, bloated pages - to answer both questions. If you have a lot of oversized images that are not cropped or optimized, then you have a huge "page load" problem. By default, WordPress is slow. Unless you are on a LiteSpeed server (and there are not many hosting companies with LiteSpeed), you are going to have slow pages. They can be remedied, but it can also be very costly if you are not on a LiteSpeed server.

So how do you know if your page is slow? Go to PageSpeed Insights to review the basics of your page performance. Again, you are not concerned with desktop speed. If you see your overall "Performance" is less than 80, you will need to apply a lot of work to get your page optimized.

After you review your results, come back here and post the problems or questions you have and let us help you.

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