Web Design is what started T.A. Garrison, LLC in 2000 and what I continue to provide nearly 25 years later. Web design is the grammatically correct term and website design is simply a very common term, in case you thought there is a difference.

I've been servicing both local and worldwide since I began. Local service areas include but are not limited to: Bellingham; Ferndale; Blaine; Custer; Lynden; Everson; Fairhaven; Bow. So if you happen to live in any of the Whatcom County area, consider me local.

Whether you are contemplating an update to your website, a complete "overhaul", or you are preparing to create your first website, I'm here to provide what you need expeditiously and professionally. You choose the platform and I'll do the heavy lifting. But, if you want to create a "very" fast site, you'd better use Joomla. You'll get a lot of argument...from "younger" developers. But the fact remains, Joomla is fast by default. Joomla 4, the latest, is even faster. Joomla has methods installed by default that allow one to "increase" the speed of the site if necessary. Additionally, it's a far superior platform to create literally anything you desire.

Web design has been my way of life since 1996. I added SEO to my expertise as I learned through the years. At the time when I was learning there were no schools or classes anywhere to learn either Web design and development or SEO to position Web sites into a page 1 position.

I'm open to address everything about your project - including what is best for you and your site. But Website design is not my only expertise. If you are considering a platform other than Joomla! or WordPress, I can provide some great insight. I've developed in many of the CMS's (Content Management System) available, but in the past 10 years I stick with just Joomla! and a little WordPress. I also don't mince words. I communicate with you in a way that "you" will understand - even if you have absolutely no knowledge of website design or development - and I encourage questions. I'm also going to provide you as much information as you desire in words that you surely understand.

Inside you will find, well, a LOT! There are so many times that people have asked how they can create their own Web site or optimize their own site that I've created instructions for both. Honestly, SEO is so extensive and involves so much decision making that it's literally impossible to provide instructions for every scenario. But what I have included in my "SEO Classroom" will provide more than the basics and help you to know where to go next. services and a method allowing you to get an idea of what "your" project will cost. You should be well-informed before you begin paying for any services to create, troubleshoot or redevelop your Web site.

I want you to know that when it comes to your personal or business website, your needs "will" be met in a very timely fashion without complications. If you need a lot of information about the how, why, etc., that's great. If you only like a little information because you need to concentrate on your business, that's also fine by me.

Perhaps you would like to get an idea of the cost for your project. In that case, please complete the "Bid My Project" form. I will review and provide an estimate usually within 24 hours.

One thing I really stress with people is to know a developer before you contract with that person. I don't mean you need to date the person, but you do need to know something about the person in order to determine if they are "selling" you, or if they are honest and have your best interest ahead of their own. I like to sit and discuss options with a potential client so they completely understand why they would make whatever decision they make.

On that note, I'd like to provide you insight about myself. What better way to do that than a third-party? I'm the administrator for Alignable.com in the group SEO for Small Business. And my profile in Alignable can be found here Thomas Garrison. Please take a minute to wander through all the recommendations, referrals and visitors to my profile from within Alignable. I've also been having weekly zoom meetings (most of which are recorded and available here) for my group which will soon be transferred to this Web site as part of the Forum. The move includes "live streaming" that is coming soon.